Become a Survival Swim Instructor


Are you interested in becoming an instructor and teaching children the life saving skill of self rescue? The demand for these important lessons is high, and many cities don't have a single instructor. Click below to explore options. 


"The Survival Swim Development Network is a community of instructors brought together by the conviction that swim lessons should be survival-based with a gentle approach. We believe that infants and toddlers can be given both the ability to rescue themselves as well as develop a love for the water.  

The Swim Float Survive℠ method has given members of the SSDN the opportunity to save lives and impact their communities across the country. Our organization offers ongoing support after training, while giving its members the freedom to run their business their own way."

"ISR is currently aware of over 800 instances in which former ISR Students utilized their ISR Self-Rescue skills to save themselves from an in-water accident.  The more we grow, the more children we save, lives we enrich, and opportunities we can provide to dedicated caring individuals.


ISR offers meaningful work, the opportunity to operate an independent business, and an unparalleled level of support.  Our ISR Instructors become trusted members of their communities who are revered for their dedication and unique ability to make families safer."


"Infant Aquatics offers hands-on-training with a minimum of 18 unskilled babies and children under the age of 36 months within a 6 week period. We offer individualized training designed to promote the highest quality learning experience. 


There is no governing body and we do not collect fees from you or your students. We provide continuing education on safety issues and instructional techniques at no additional charge.

Infant Aquatics has an established safety record with multiple R.N.'s and M.D. on staff and is a year-round professional career opportunity."