jeffrey's story 

Jeffrey Baker was born into a loving family in 1970. When he was 2 years old, he also drowned when NOT swimming. Mere minutes, seconds. 


Levi’s mom grew up knowing of her first cousin Jeffrey (who died before she was born). She has always been very close to her aunt, uncle, and the cousins born after the loss of Jeffrey. Water safety was always a priority in Levi’s family because of this story, and yet, they still suffered another unimaginable loss. Drowning happens in seconds and often when not swimming. As Levi’s family developed this legacy, they wanted to make sure and honor Jeffrey, as well, another cherished baby boy from their family. 

On January 23, 1973, Jeffrey and a neighbor friend were in the front yard of their apartment, alone for less time than it takes to get a sippy cup. Minutes, seconds.  When his mother came out of the apartment, the boys were missing.  She went in the direction of the friend's house, assuming they had followed their dads. She never imagined her 2  year old would go the playground alone. Behind the playground was a deep hole, and it had filled with rain water. Within minutes, Jeffrey had fallen in and drowned. 

In the words of his Mom:  "Why go to the playground??  Why was the hole dug??  Why did I leave him outside by himself for even one minute??? It was the perfect storm, and our child drowned in that rain filled hole, our first born child that was so special and loved so much."