After Levi's death on June 10, 2018, his parents researched statistics on drowning. Their hearts shattered when they learned it was the #1 cause of death. What they discovered led them to this idea of "Water-Guardian" tags.


the research says:

Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional death in children.


69% of drowning incidents were children not swimming, yet they were found in water.


77% of drowning victims had been out of sight for less than five minutes. 

(Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Nearly 80% of drowning victims are male.

the plan:

Drowning prevention requires layers of protection, but supervision is vital.  Designate an adult to be the "Water-Guardian" at all times, even when children are not swimming but have access to water (pool, ocean, lake, stream, river, bucket, etc...) 

There is NO alternative to supervision when it comes to water safety.

endorsed by:

how does it work?

WHY do "Water Guardian" tags matter?

Layers of Protection are vital to prevent drowning. The most effective is constant supervision of children when around water, EVEN when they are not swimming but have access to water (pool, lake, ocean, pond, etc…).

How do "Water Guardian" tags work?

It is easy to ask a spouse or other caretaker, “Hey- can you watch the kids for a minute?” But, it is not enough. Parents, especially of small children, are easly distracted, so a TANGIBLE reminder, an effective "tagging" of who is supervising is simple but powerful. The idea of “Water Guardians: Levi’s Legacy” is to provide a physical reminder of who is designated as the person supervising the children. This person should continue guarding, even when swim time ends and children go inside. Water Guardians should switch off every 15 minutes when possible.

Who should use "Water Guardian" tags?

ANYTIME small children are swimming or in a situation with access to water, an adult should be the desingated "Water Guardian." * When swimming with small children *When vacationing at a beach house or lake house (typically, there is more activity and the assumption that someone else is watching).
*At a pool party (again- more chaos, more people).
*Almost 70% of children who drown do so during a non-swim time. Continue to designate a “Water Guardian” until all children are inside and doors are dead-bolted.

Do I just use a "Water Guardian" tag when my children are swimming?

Almost 70% of drowning accidents happen when children are NOT expected to be in water, yet they slip away for mere minutes and drown. It is IMPERATIVE that caretakers continue to designate a “Water Guardian” until all children are inside and doors are dead-bolted. Your world can be shattered in the time time it takes to grab a pair of goggles, pour a bowl of cereal, or answer the phone.

when should I wear the tag?



while preparing


while eating 

while taking care of another child

while getting


while watching a movie or

playing a game