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Levi's parents and Emmy's parents desperately wish they had known the real truth about drowning before June 10th. In separate states across the country, each of these families lost their cherished babies to the preventable tragedy of drowning. 

 Unfortunately, our families have learned the devastating truth that: Drowning only takes SECONDS and 69% of the time, it happens when children slip away for moments during a non-swim time.

We believe deeply in the power of community and of parents. Please join our mission of changing the way our culture perceives all bodies of water.  Print this flyer (PDF attached above) and ask your pediatrician, library, daycare, etc... to hang it where parents can see it. #emmyandlevi

There is no such thing as "other people's children."  Our hearts are filled with gratitude to have each of you with us on this urgent mission to change the future for ALL of our children.

More Resources:

Levi's Legacy 4x6.png

Levi's Legacy 4x6 infographics:

If you are a healthcare provider, we would be very grateful if you would be willing to distribute these 4x6 infographics. You can easily print these as PDFs and cut to size 4x6.

Levi's Legacy 4x6 copy.png
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