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Parents everywhere depend on their pediatricians as they navigate parenting. Thank you to the physicians, nurses, and staff who provide guidance and love to parents each day.

drowning prevention

Please print this flyer and hang in your office or include in the materials that you distribute to parents during well-child visits. The medical community is the first line of defense against drowning. We are grateful to you.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a brand new "Drowning Prevention Toolkit," complete with new infographics based on developmental milestone, new articles, and even a revised swim policy. 

Please share these new high quality resources within your clinics and through social media. Thank you, thank you!

Water Guardian tag and flyer


The AAP recommends "Water Watcher" as an important layer of protection. If you would be willing to hang up a flyer and discuss the importance of having a Water Guardian with your patients, please contact us, and we will be happy to send you a packet (flyer and tag). 

AAP videos and PSAs

The American Academy of Pediatrics released PSAs and other videos related to drowning. Please click below to help us spread this awareness. (Thank you, always).

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Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 4.52.10 PM.png

4x6 Infographics

Levi's Legacy 4x6.png

If you are a healthcare provider and are willing to help us distribute these 4x6 flyers to parents, we are grateful. 

They can easily be printed and cut to 4x6. 


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Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning:

Drowning Prevention Poster .jpg

Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning:

Levi's Legacy is a partner of PPCD. This printable poster highlights the steps to take to prevent drowning. Click here to visit PPCD's website. If you have a lost a child to drowning or are passionate about water safety, we want you to become a PPCD ambassador!


For more information, please email us.