Swim Lessons 

Swim lessons are proven to reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88%, INCLUDING for children ages 1-4. In the Spring of 2018, Levi's parents decided to wait until he was 4 years old to enroll him in swim lessons. Six weeks later, his mom pulled him off of the bottom of the pool. He will never turn 4 years old; please do not wait on swim lessons.


In an updated policy on drowning, the American Academy of Pediatrics states:

  • "High-quality swim lessons provide more experiential training, including swimming in clothes, falling in, and practicing self-rescue."

  • Drowning can happen to anyone, and it can happen in seconds. 

  • All children need to learn to swim. 


  • All swim lessons are NOT created equally.


  • Choose HIGH QUALITY lessons, especially for children just learning to swim. The focus should be on SURVIVAL and not fun. A healthy respect for water could save their lives.


If your child has been in lessons for months and has not made progress or still requires a floatation device, please consider changing programs. Expect more from your swim lessons.

Private Lessons 

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EVERYONE needs to wear a life jacket in open water. Strong swim skills are no match for natural water (lakes, rivers, oceans). Teenage boys are especially at risk.  

Life Jackets in

Open Water: